This is embarrassing but,
I get really nervous when I talk to girls :S
especially speaking in English..


= ) ?!

I need you all;
Physics, Math, English, History, do you love me?
Please say you do.


; (

Dilemma after dilemma



I wasn't emo; things change :S


Araby Essay

In Process : )

Did it until 5ish in the morning, because I was entertaining myself through out the whole night.
The next day, the first thing I saw is "9:30", my face went like : | to = (.
Forgot about the alarm clock :S.
The thing is why did she wake me up at 9:30 ? My late start isn't that late.
I rushed onto the bus and was about to do the notes on the story.
Again my face went like = | to ; (. My notes are at home.
I had no choice, but get off the bus and headed back home. Well either way, I was late.
I was so mad. 9:30 ?  seriously, wtf ?
Arrive at school at 10:35.
Thank God, my presentation ran pretty smooth.

I haven't put actual daily stuff on xanga or whatever for so long.
Don't know why I did this though :P